Installation + Experiential


Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
Creative Marketing + Strategy
Content Development + Production

Film, video + print campaigns
Brand image
Experiential + event Installations
Feature-length + episodic entertainment
Interactive + Game development

The Kingdom of iD delivers creative solutions and production for assignments that often do not fit a standard genre and for when the “Big Picture” objective needs a diverse range of disciplines from motion-picture, brand image, publishing, storytelling, experiential, technology, design, and production. 

We seek assignments that take advantage of our diverse expertise and that benefit from our aesthetic. We do this by focusing on your core objective taking into account revenue generation, cost reductions, and risk mitigation to identify which communication will deliver the most rewarding experience and benefit the bottom line.

We serve our partners and clients by refining or defining consumer-facing engagements that serve their core objective, create and produce.